Holy Week Reflections at Beeches Road

Into the light–
hope for the future

Beeches Road Holy Week Reflections

Monday 11th April to Thursday 14th April at 7pm
Good Friday 15th April at 9am
Saturday 20th April at 9am followed by breakfast

After two years where our lives have changed and many feel that they have had to hide away, a chance to meet in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to pray and reflect on how Easter brings light into our lives and gives us hope for the future. As we journey together through Holy Week and look forward to Easter, each session will focus on a different aspect of our theme. Following our reflection on Saturday 20th April, we will enjoy a hot breakfast together.

All are welcome, please feel free to join as many or as few of the sessions as you wish. Our sessions are as follows:

      Date and Time                           Title                                                                   Leader

      Monday 11th April, 7pm          The Hope of Jerusalem                                  Ian Belcher

      Tuesday 12th April, 7pm          Hope for Change                                             Karen Belcher

      Wednesday 13th April, 7pm    Hope for All                                                     Robert Quance

      Thursday 14th April, 7pm         Hope for a Different Outcome                     Robert Peumalu

      Friday 15th April, 9am               All Hope Fades                                               Sue Spencer

      Saturday 16th April, 9am          All Hope Is Gone… But Light Is Coming!    Malcolm Freeman


Please contact Ian Belcher if you’d like to know more or have any questions.


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