Gems from John's Gospel

Weekly sessions

organised by John & Jen Blewitt and held at

Tipton Green Methodist Church

All are welcome

you are asked to read the appropriate scripture prior to each study

9th September - Introduction & "The Word made flesh" John 1 v 1-18; led by Chris Pearce

16th September - "A joyful celebration" John 2 v 1-12; led by John Blewitt

23rd September - "The second birth" John 3 v 1-21; led by Jen Blewitt

30th September - "Living water" John 4 v 1-30; led by Hal Hickman

7th October - "The Bread of Life" John 6 v 25-59; led by Rev Carole Holden

14th October - "Blind from birth" John 9 v 1-35; led by Mick Atkins

21st October - "Raised from the dead" John 11 v 1-44; led by Steve Allen

28th October - "The Way, the Truth and the Life" John 14 v 1-14; led by David Ashfield

4th November - "The True Vine" John 15 v 1-17; led by Trevor Allen

11th November - "Prayers for unity" John 17 v 1-26; led by John Blewitt

18th November - "Jesus crucified" John 19 v 16-37; led by Rev Phil Thomas

25th November - "A great catch of fish" John 21 v 1-14; led by Chris Pearce

2nd December - Advent Communion; Rev Denise Williams

Grateful thanks to all the speakers who have given their precious time to prepare and deliver these studies

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