Tipton Green 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Saturday 30th June - Flower Festival from 11am till 5pm
Opened by Rev. Pat Davies and Mrs P Adams. Refreshments will be avaliable throughout the day.

Sunday 1st July - Celebration Services 10:30am and 6pm
Guest Preacher: Rev. Andrew Roberts of Kingswinford.
Afternoon Tea 2 till 4pm.

Monday 2nd July - Special Ladies Class 2.45pm
Guest Speak: Mrs Rosemary Jones
Gentlemen are also welcome to attend. Refreshments are avaliable

Tuesday 3rd July - Anniversary Market Outreach 10am till 12noon.

Wednesday 4th July - Celebration Lunch 12.45pm
For more information please contact the church.

Thursday 5th July - Brownies and Guide Open Evening 6.30pm onwards.
Refreshements are avaliable.

Friday 6th July - Prayer Focus Day 8am till 8pm
Continetnal Breakfast 8 till 9am
Various prayer stations. Come and go as you wish.

Saturday 7th July - 2nd Flower Viewing 11am till 3pm
Talents and crafts exhibition

Saturday 7th July - Tipton Communtiy Choir 7:30pm

Sunday 8th July - Second Week Celebration Services 10:30am till 6pm
Both services are led by Rev. Trevor Pratt.

There is no chrage for any event. If you wish an appropriate donation can be made. Any profit from the events qill be sent to Action for Chidlren.