Rhema Fellowship - September to December 2018

Dear Friends,

I hope you enjoyed the summer holiday and feel refreshed for our next session.

Our studies through autumn will be a little different. Our initial studies are about the journey of Abraham – the Friend of God who became Father of The Nations. Our sincere thanks are given to Rev Trevor Pratt who compiled this study and gave it direction.

In the second half of our studies we shall be looking at the main Jewish festivals. Frequently we read in the New Testament that Jesus was “at the festival….” and, unless it’s explicit, or we take care to look up the passage in a commentary, we don’t know what festival it is – or the implications of Jesus’ being ther

Abraham: Friend of God
Date Title Speaker Bible Base
20th Sept The journey begins, Where, Why and Who? Rev. Trevor Pratt

Gen. 1:26-2:9, 12:10-13:18;
Acts 7:1-8;
Joshua 24:2

27th Sept Covenant and Sign Mr. Alan Moore Gen 15,16,17
4th Oct The True Heir Mr Chris Pearce Gen 18:1-15; 21:1-21
11th Oct Tested - Success or Failure? Rev. Patt Davies

Gen 12:10-20; 20:1-18 (26:6-16); 14:17-24; 21:22-33

18th Oct Loyalty, Fidelity, Integrity and Immorality Mr John Blewitt Gen 14:1-16; 18:16-33; 19:1-38; 22:1-19
25th Oct Two Weddings, Two Funerals Open week with John Blewitt leading discussion. Gen 23;24;25:1-11
1st Nov

Abraham in th New Testament
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Rev. Trevor Pratt  
Jewish Feasts and Their Fulfillment in Christ
8th Nov Passover Mr Alan Moore  
15th Nov Weeks Rev. Carole Holden  
22nd Nov Great Day of Atonement Mr Chris Pearce  
29th Nov Tabernacles Mr. John Blewitt  
6th Dec Insights into Hanukkah and the festival the Jews do not have. Rev. Trevor Pratt + Communion